Top Three Sentimental Baby Portrait Tattoos

By Oxygen

Get a little weepy in this installment of Best Ink Spotting, in which we celebrate people who are proud owners of Baby Portrait Tattoos. As for next week, proud pet moms and dads, start sending in your Pet Tribute Tattoos. In the meantime, check out the top three sentimental Baby Portrait Tats—in no particular order, because, how can you rank babies?!

Images were sent in via Tumblr members identified by their handles below.

In Memory

Max from Il Confessionale tattoo shop in Rome writes: "One day Stefania comes at my studio, she told me: 'I want a tattoo in memory of my brother dead in a car accident two years ago at the age of 22. I imagine him like an angel, with face that he had at five years old.' She gives me an old portrait photo and this is what i have done for her." (Via Il Confessionale)

Cute Little Girl


Via Brian Miller.

Baby Feet


Who needs a clay impression when you have a permanent tattoo for life?

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