'Best Ink' Crew Shares 'After Dark' Tattoo Stories

By Oxygen

Most tattooers have at least one "After Dark" moment to share. Best Ink judge Hannah Aitchison's is tattooing a "bucket of sh*t" on some guy. (Do yourself a favor: Watch the clip above!) In celebration of the premiere of Oxygen's new show Tattoos After Dark on Wed., Jan. 1 at 11/10c, we have rounded up the worst, funniest and most awesomely bad tattoos from the Best Ink crew. Enjoy!

Sabina Kelley
"A swastika on a black guy's forehead."
May May Yaeger
"I'm currently tattooing wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage versus Jesus on a friend's butt cheeks. Also tattooed a suspension bridge in the bridge of a guys nose. Weird guy…"
Danny Lepore
One of the funniest tattoos I've done is the word Mahgudeez (my goodies) on my homie's ass cheek. Haha.
Romeo Lacoste
"Once when I was tattooing in Florida a kid came in and wanted to get a beer can tattooed on him. It was a cartoon version of a beer can that he had drawn himself. And his parents were there and were paying for the tattoo because they were proud he had drawn it himself. He was 19 hahaha."
Amy Zager
"The worst tattoos I ever see are always done in some guy's basement for $20.  I remember one client who came in with an obviously very fresh tattoo on her arm. She had actually come in a week before asking for a quote on her design and was floored and PISSED that a half sleeve would cost hundreds of dollars.  Apparently there was a guy in her neighborhood who was a part-time scratcher (industry term for an untrained dirty tattooer who would NEVER work in a shop) and he charged her $50 to DESTROY her arm with a poorly designed tattoo with blotchy, unblended colors.  And this gal then comes to us and wants us to fix it the next day!  NOT an easy job, and cover ups are more expensive than getting the same tattoo worked on clear skin, so this gal was just having a very bad day all around. Breaks my heart when people get screwed over like that, but there are SO many resources now for tattoo education and helping people choose their artist, there's no excuse to get worked on in someone's basement."

Tattoos After Dark premieres Wed., Jan. 1 at 11/10c. Watch a sneak peek:

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