Head Judge Joe Capobianco Shows Off His Incredible Tattoo Studio

By Oxygen

Joe Capobianco's New Haven-based Hope Gallery looks more like a fine art museum or gallery of curiosities than a tattoo shop. Maybe this is because Joe gives each artist an enormous space to showcase art that personally inspires them. "Every work station is made for the artist," explains Joe. "They feature the artwork they dig most and it actually plays home to their own artwork." 
Joe's work station is no exception to the rule. It's packed with his own artwork as well as art from around the world, and features a tattoo machine collection. One particularly noteworthy item in Joe's station: a muppet made by a New Haven artist that is modeled after Joe C. himself. 
But our favorite room in Joe's shop has to be the Elvis-inspired bathroom. "As rumor has it, [Elvis] was found dead on the toilet," Joe says. "And I've always felt this was the perfect place to pay homage to the person whose work I admire so greatly."

In addition to the video, take a photo tour of Joe's shop below.

[All photos: Daniel Silbert for Oxygen Media]

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