Joe's Exit Interview: I'm Not Cocky...I'm Amped

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Joe came out of the gate as a top contender on Best Ink 3, but Episode 9 spelled disaster for the talented Jersey boy. He was eliminated for his pin-up tattoo, and Lara was allowed to stay. He doesn't agree with the decision, but he doesn't regret his time on Best Ink, either. Scroll down for his full exit interview.

What have you been up to since filming Best Ink? 

I have been tattooing non-stop at both of my studios and renovating my home, recording music, and renovating the shops as well. Oh yeah…and video games!

Did you agree with the judges’ decision to keep Lara, and to send you home?

No, but does anyone?

Describe the challenges of completing your pin-up tattoo. 

There weren't really any challenges to completing the piece i had to do. Tighter on time but they sat well and made it work.

What did you take away from your experience on Best Ink?

A once-in-a-lifetime experience with a lot of crazy memories with good people as well as good artists.

Some of the other contestants accused you of having a cocky attitude. Do you agree? 

No I'm not really cocky, I'm just always amped to do something, so I always want to hype myself up on a project and make myself and the client feel like I’ll work 110%.

What’s in your tattooing future? 

Making my two shops look totally gnarly! Working a lot more on my music and other art mediums. I definitely want to sculpt a Batman mask! Also I’d love to travel a lot more with the friends I've made through Best Ink and really show everyone out there that we are the future of the tattoo industry and have a blast.

oh yeah and… wutang!

Check out Joe's exit interview here:

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