Judge's Corner: Sabina Blogs About Fight Club, May May's Confidence, and Izzi's Farewell

By Sabina Kelley

Best Ink Fight Club, I thought that was a great idea! With that Flash Challenge you definitely needed to be on your toes. I wish the artists would have had a little more time to finish their artwork, but you know what, it's a competition. It was no big surprise to me that Willy and Joe were the last two artists standing and nobody chose to go up against them. They’re both really strong artists, so it was especially fun to see them go head to head up against each other. I do agree with Justin Bua for choosing Willy as the winner with his tiger pistachio eye image. It was very creative and well laid out. I do think Lara throwing out Kali, the Hindu goddess of war, was a little messed up, but I get it. Again, it's a competition and $1,000 in flash cash. 

Next we moved on to the Ink Challenge, where the artists had to work in teams -- the same teams as the Flash Challenge! The artists’ former enemy became their partner in crime! Collaboration tattoos posed a very difficult challenge for the artists, but I believe they did a pretty darn good job considering most of them have never even done a collaboration tattoo. The goal was to make it look like only one artist did it. so teamwork is the most important thing! I feel Willy and Joe exhibited amazing teamwork. They for sure worked well together and the completed piece looked like one artist did it instead of two. So, they nailed the challenge. Danny and Anthony both really surprised me with they're collaboration tattoo. It was probably the best tattoo each of them has done so far in the competition.  Plus, they worked really well together. 

It’s a little harder to point out the worst team, but if I had to, it would be between Alayna/Izzi, Karly/Lara, and Amy/May May. In each of those teams, there was one person who was not a team player and brought down they're teammate – either because they didn’t have the talent, or they couldn’t communicate well.  I think Joe winning was a great choice. It was a hard decision because Willy was right there too! But Joe's color, detail, and depth were amazing. 

I completely agree with the bottom 3 that Willy and Joe selected. May May is so talented, but she just has such a hard keeping herself together. She needs to pull her confidence up and not let the challenges and outside influences interrupt her, or it's going to kill her in this competition. I like Amy’s strength and determination in her work.  Yes, she is young and has a lot to learn, but she is good.  Izzi, ha ha! I like Izzi. Her attitude sucks, but she makes me laugh. She definitely could not keep up with Alayna in this challenge left the tattoo in Alayna’s hands. I like the tattoo, but I had to agree that Izzi was the weakest in this challenge. She was in charge of the shading and the color and both of those were not the greatest. 

Now onto Episode 4, and the competition is getting tougher and tougher!  It’s so fun to watch the show finally air, and to all the artists behind-the-scenes for the first time. I hope you enjoy the show! 

Tune into the next episode of 'Best Ink 3' Wednesday, Jan. 1!



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