Judge's Corner: Sabina Blogs About Sci-Fi Stuff, Darnell's Weepy Moment, and May May's Demise

By Sabina Kelley

 Alright, things are really steaming up and the pressure is on. Some of the artists are beginning to crack. This is when the show starts to become super serious. The artists on this week’s Flash Challenge got to go to San Diego for Comic Con.  I was so jealous I didn’t get to go down there. It looked so fun!

The artists had 90 minutes to paint their blank latex creature heads. Lara and Danny were the most excited about this Flash Challenge, since it’s up their ally. I was really impressed by all of the artists’ creature heads. They all turned out really creepy and it looked like they had a little fun with this challenge...Not to mention they got a trip to San Diego to break up they're routine. Danny won, and I was so stoked for him. That had to have boosted his confidence up after being ready to walk off the show a week before. He $1,000 flash cash and no, he is not gonna spend it on strippers…okay, maybe.

This week’s Ink Challenge was based around fantasy science fiction tattoo, which is basically your aliens, your dragons, fairies, unicorns, gargoyles, wizards, robots and mystical creatures. I do not have any fantasy science fiction tattoos, and I’m honestly not a huge fan of thbut, they're certainly popular. One of the challenges – and sometimes one of the draws for people -- is that there’s no real image to work from, so your imagination can go wild. You just have to make sure the outcome of the tattoo doesn't look too cheesy and overboard, but still keep it fun and exciting. 

This week's challenge was done street shop style, which means they have about two hours to draw and prep the tattoo and then jump right into it. May May started off super excited about  this challenge… until Joe mentioned that her design looked too big for the time limit. Then she started having major trouble with the copy machine, which sent her into a spiraling mess. 

Everyone finished their tattoo eventually though, even May May. The top 3 from the Ink Challenge were Lara, Joe, and Willy. Joe was the ultimate winner, and I completely agree with the choice. It was incredible. Great concept, colors, and details – the overall piece was very campy and fun. 

Joe and I got into it a little this episode with Danny’s tattoo. I still stand firm that this black and grey tattoo was the best tattoo he has done on the show so far. Danny’s strengths are black and grey tattoos, and he showed it in this episode. Yes, I know Joe and Willy both think he just copied a picture, but he did have to make a lot of other changes. Maybe it wasn't the hardest tattoo, but it was a good clean tattoo. 

Lara seemed super excited about the Flash and Ink Challenges, since this is a style she is familiar with. Yet, she was pissed because she didn't win either of them and felt she should have.  Lara is a strong competitor in this competition and she has been in this industry for a long time.  I do feel since she has been around so long that she is stuck in a certain style, which sometimes damages her. Overall, I felt like she was dead center in the competition and really stepped her game up this week to land in the top 3. Her tattoo was really unique and her skin was more than thrilled with it. 

Poor Darnell. Seeing Darnell this upset and frustrated was heart-breaking. Darnell is an incredible artist and very passionate about his work, and it shows. He was not comfortable doing a head tattoo and it threw him off. It was his first one ever. The glare of his tattoo light on the skin’s head was throwing him off, and the bleeding made it even more frustrating. He hated his tattoo and was super down.  I had never seen this side of Darnell until now. He's usually the outgoing, positive, fun guy. I think he just had a crummy week.

The bottom 3 artists this week were May May, Romeo, and Danny. May May ended up being eliminated, after landing in the bottom 3 many times. The tattoo that sent her home started off with a bad drawing of a design that was too big for the time limit. It needed more colors and better line work, and it was visually confusing. The tattoo did not pop. May May started off so strong in this competition. From day 1, you could tell she was a great artist and I thought she would possibly be one of the last girls standing. I think she had a hard time controlling her emotions and she let them overpower her and eat her alive, which affected her tattooing. But, she took the elimination very well. She said she learned a lot and is headed in a positive direction. 

See you guys next week at 10/9c for another exciting episode of Best Ink!  XO Sabina

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