Meet the Contestants of 'Best Ink 3': Danny Lepore

By Oxygen

Danny Lepore (@DannyLepore)

Metuchen, NJ

Danny Lepore grew up in a "perfect little family" in a nice suburban New Jersey town, all of which resulted in a recipe for rebellion. While in school, he would get picked on for being the "angry, overweight goth kid." Danny has wanted to be a tattoo artist since he was 12, and started his apprenticeship when he was in high school. Although he is only 21, Danny takes his career very seriously. When other kids his age are partying, he is in the shop working and learning so he can be the best. People often judge him because he looks so young, but they are always blown away when they see his work. Danny’s commitment to tattooing and his hard work ethic is reflected in a tattoo on his head that says “Hustle Hard” to remind him to stay focused.

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