Meet the Contestants of 'Best Ink 3': Izzi Echo

By Oxygen

Izzi Echo (@izziecho)

Louisville, KY

Izzi Echo has always had to go beyond to prove her talent because of her good looks. She grew up in a small town in Kentucky where the malicious gossip about her got so bad she changed her name to "Echo." She was a daddy's girl to her biker mechanic father and prim Southern librarian mother. Izzi was a classically trained dancer and musician before beginning her tattooing career of eight years. When she began tattooing, she took to dressing like a boy to rebel against the female artists who behaved inappropriately with their male mentors to land apprenticeships. Izzi says she is where she is today because she "fought to get here" and refuses to fail. She specializes in black-and-grey realism.

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