Romeo's Exit Interview: "Lara Should Have Gone Home Instead of Me"

By Oxygen

Cali bad boy tattooer Romeo Lacoste was sent home tonight after the ocean-themed Ink Challenge in Episode 8...but he thinks the judges eliminated the wrong artist. Scroll down for his full exit interview, and find out what Romeo has been up to!  

What have you been up to since filming Best Ink?

I recently moved to L.A. and joined Alayna at Art and Soul Tattoo. I’ve focusing on tattooing greater pieces and enjoying life in beautiful California.

Did you agree with the judges' decision to keep the others in the bottom 3, and to send you home?

I have never been cocky and too proud to admit when I was wrong or when someone did a better tattoo than me. But to say that Lara’s tattoo was better than mine or Joe’s baffled me. Maybe I don't know what a good and a bad tattoo is anymore if Lara has ever done a tattoo that was better than mine. The fact that they sent her back in first was a completely shock to me. I don't think anyone watching this at home will disagree that Lara should have gone home instead of me.

Describe the challenges of completing your ocean-inspired tattoo.

I feel like more than once in this competition, I got the short end of the stick, and this was one of those times. Again, getting stuck with the tattoo that no wanted. It’s hard to put a shell sitting on a peaceful beach up against the idea of a ‘dynamic tattoo’ with action and movement. I gave her what she wanted and that’s what matters. I did take a chance and took a leap with the sun glare. Maybe I didn't nail it but, I took a chance and was creative enough to try. That’s more than what a lot of the other artists have done, and it’s definitely more than recycling poorly-done mandalas on every tattoo.

If you could go back and do the tattoo differently, would you?

I wouldn’t have changed that specific tattoo. If anything i would have done a completely different tattoo and try and give it more action, or maybe offer her other ideas I know the judges would have been more impressed with.

What did you take away from your experience on Best Ink?

It definitely made me more competitive and pushed me to want to get better even more. It was quite an experience. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Now I want to be better than ever.  

What's in your tattooing future?

Just to keep trying to do better and better tattoos, get in more magazines and hopefully another show or competition. I love the chance to prove myself! I've been tattooing and working with more actors and musicians. I want to keep reaching out to my fans who have been there for me. My new and recent tattoos are always posted on my Instagram and Twitter, and I'm working on putting out more YouTube videos! You can catch up with me on my website. 

Watch Romeo's video exit interview!

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