Rudy's Personal Ink: 2 Sleeves, 1 Eagle and Day of the Dead Skulls

By Matt Muro

Already missing just-eliminated contestant Rudy Hetzer on Best Ink 3? Don't fret, we have your next Rudy fix via a gallery of his personal tattoos. 
From our behind-the-scenes pics, we see that Rudy sports two full sleeves -- one arm is black and white and the other very colorful. The imagery within Rudy's sleeves contains skulls, flowers, a bird, a heart with a keyhole, a vintage-looking ship sailing the seas and a sun with Chinese characters.
Across his neck, Rudy has a bold tattoo spelling out "Strength From Pain." On his chest, an enormous eagle spreading its wings and clutching a bone. On his back and side, Day of the Dead skulls. Can you see what is written on his hands? Check the pics. 
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