Sabina's Top 5 Highlights from 'Best Ink 3'

By Sabina Kelley

It’s time for judge and pin-up model extraordinaire Sabina Kelley to share some her favorite moments from Season 3 of Best Ink! From the Surfboard Flash Challenge with surfing legend Laird Hamilton to Lara’s mandala fetish, it was one memorable season for Sabina. Check out Sabina’s top 5 moments, and read her highlights below!


Sabina's Top 5 Moments of Best Ink Season 3!

1. The episode with Laird Hamilton! First of all, I was really stoked to get a chance to host a Flash Challenge because it was the first time I got to be around the artists for a longer period of time and get to know their personalities and not just their artwork.  Second of all, it was a Flash Challenge at the beach, on a beautiful day, with surf legend Laird Hamilton! Third of all, I thought getting to paint on surfboards was a super fun and unique challenge. The overall experience was great for the whole cast -- getting out for some fresh air and being inspired by the fresh ocean breeze on a gorgeous day -- and something different than being on set.

2. The couples’ photography challenge was also a highlight for me. Again I got to host the challenge and it was a really special one since all the artists’ significant others came on the show to surprise them.  It seriously was so heartwarming it made me want to cry. It was such an emotional and fun day. Not to mention the Flash Challenge had to do with photography which is something I am around a lot in my career. It really showed a different side of all the artists to see them in their comfort zone -- even with Darnell and his fake girlfriend! That was my favorite episode of the whole season.

3. During the Pin-up Ink Challenge, my argument with Joe was a memorable moment for me.  Joe pissed me off so bad!  Pin-up is my world, and I still really feel that Darnell should not have won that challenge.  Out of all the challenge themes, I think that I am the most experienced in that subject. Joe can have more of an opinion about the technical side of tattooing, but leave pin-up to me! Karly and Alayna had the two most incredible pin-up tattoos.

4. Lara and her mandala fetish! Wow, that drove me nuts. Lara is a great artist, but pushing a mandala on all her skins got way too outta hand. I get it, if that’s your thing, but people should be coming to you asking for your thing if that is what you are known for. It should never be pushed on them. I have to say even though I thought Lara had a crappy attitude, it was fun to watch her hold her ground against everyone. 

5. Karly winning Best Ink was a huge memorable moment! From the beginning I thought Joe or Willy would have won, so to see Karly win was a beautiful surprise.  She got better and stronger throughout the entire competition and deserved to win. I hope her win will push her to stay in the tattoo world and take her talents even farther.

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