Watch Pete Wentz Find Out He Won a People's Choice Award

By Matt Muro

A funny thing happened during our Best Ink After Show with Pete Wentz - we found out that Fall Out Boy won a People's Choice Award and we broke the news to him live on-camera! Says Oxygen's John Thrasher: "I have some breaking news for you Pete. It seems that Fall Out Boy won a People's Choice Award while we were on the air right now. So congratulations." Pete's reaction: Priceless. 
"No way, really? " he asks. "Really? REALLY? Whoohooo, baby, pop some champagne!" After the news sinks in, Pete gives an impromptu (and heartfelt) acceptance speech -- giving all of the credit to the fans. "The people who voted on this award, this is your award," he says. "I'm going to smash up that award with a hammer and start mailing it out in pieces." 
Before learning about the award, Pete talked about Fall Out Boy's comeback. "When we first starting coming back it was like the second best Fall Out Boy cover band in Reno," he says, humbly. "Everyone looked a little different. The songs weren't quite right." 
But it all started clicking once FOB played some shows, and the band ended up being pleasantly surprised at how they were embraced. "I definitely thought there was going to be some cult reaction," Pete explains. "But to be on the radio, Victoria's Secret… It was a bigger reaction than we expected." And now let's add a People's Choice Award to that list. Congrats, FOB!

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