14-Year-Old Self-Professed “Psychopath” Slits Throat Of Brother’s Girlfriend

A Wisconsin girl attacked her brother's girlfriend in her sleep and said she wants to kill again. 

Police in Eau Claire, Wisconsin responded to reports of an attempted abduction last week but instead found an attempted murder scene. Kali J. Bookey told authorities two men in ski masks had tried to abduct her and that to fend them off she told them to go to a local house where there was another young girl home alone. At the house, officers found a 15-year-old girl with multiple stab wounds on her face and throat. Though bleeding badly, the victim was able to tell police her assailant was actually Kali, the 14-year-old sister of the girl’s boyfriend.

After being taken into custody, Kali Bookey admitted she snuck into the girl’s home at 6:20 that morning and attacked her while she was asleep. She first tried to suffocate her, then beat her with a bowl and cut her with pieces of it after it broke, slitting her throat. She then seems to have had a change of heart, getting water for the victim and making up the abduction story to allegedly use as a ruse to get police to the crime scene and save the girl from bleeding to death.

Bookey described herself as a “psychopath” and “crazy” and said this was to be her first kill and that she would “kill again.” Her motivation was to scare away the girlfriend so her brother would pay more attention to her and spend more time with the family. Bookey is currently being held without bond at the Northwest Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Eau Claire. She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing August 8th.

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