33 Hospitalized After Overdosing On Synthetic Marijuana

A bad batch of the drug sent dozens of addicts to hospitals near the infamous "Zombieland" area of Brooklyn. 

Just past the hipster havens of Williamsburg, residents of the real Brooklyn have been complaining for months about the epidemic of synthetic marijuana, also known as K2, that has turned their streets into something out of a zombie movie. The New York City Police Department calls the intersection of Broadway and Myrtle Avenues on the border of Bushwick and Bedford-Stuyvesant “ground zero for K2 addicts.” Locals call the area “Zombieland,” and it was nearby yesterday that a bad batch of K2 sent scores of drug abusers to the hospitals.

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Authorities say the calls started coming in early Tuesday morning, reporting dozens of disoriented dopers staggering around underneath the elevated subway tracks and vomiting up white foam near the infamous intersection.  Many blame a local deli which has been raided several times for selling K2. No one really knows what’s in the drug from one batch to the next, making overdoses common, and its cheap street price ($5 - $10 a bag). New York City outlawed synthetic marijuana in 2015, but it seems to have had little impact on sales and use. In the end 33 were hospitalized, all of whom are expected to recover.  

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