4 Insane Facts About The Tupac/Biggie Beef

In anticipation of BGC17, we're investigating the greatest East vs West rivalry of all time.

By Eric Shorey

(BGC17 premieres Feb. 14 at 8/7c. This season is "East Meets West." Watch the trailer.)

Quick! Think of the greatest rivalries of all time. Who came to mind? Joan Crawford and Bette DavisStone Cold vs The RockHillary Clinton and Donald Trump? God vs Satan?

In anticpation of Bad Girls Club season 17, in which a new crop of ladies will battle for the glory of their hometowns, we're investigating the feud most emblematic of the conflict between the East and West coast. That's right, we're talking the legendary antagonism between Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. Here are 4 insane facts you might not have known about the greatest rap game beef of all time:

1. Tupac has more total listens on streaming services than Biggie

According to a 2016 study from Mic, of the total number of listens from both Biggie and Pac, Shakur has 67.7% while B.I.G. only has 36.3%. That being said, B.I.G. commands the biggest share of total listeners. Here's the conclusion they drew from the data: "[Tupac] cut more than three times the number of albums that Notorious B.I.G. dropped in his lifetime ... Tupac has the a more devoted fan base that keep coming back for more, but Biggie's song appeal to a much wider range of listeners."

2. The FBI tried to link Tupac to Biggie's death from the start

A 2011 investigation from Time revealed that that FBI thought that Tupac was implicated in the death of Smalls and even began collecting files on their rivalry: "The files include details of their relationship, the evolution from friends to rivals and records of minor skirmishes and fatal shootings. They found individuals who were present at the death of both rappers."

3. Before they fought, they were BFF

Look at these cuties just hanging out and freestyling.

4. They're both holograms now

Thanks to modern technology, both rappers will continue to tour after their deaths. Their entire personalities have been recreated in the form of holograms, so that they continue performing with their friends (or maybe enemies?) on into the future.

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