4-Month-Old Baby Strangled By Deranged Man At Kansas Walmart

A New Jersey man tried to steal a woman's baby before choking it at a Kansas Walmart.

Walmart is becoming as well known for all the headline grabbing crimes that occur there as it is for its low prices and infinite rows of inventory. In the latest incident, a 4-month-old child was attacked at a Walmart in Overland Park, Kansas. Luckily for all involved, fellow shoppers and Walmart staff came to her rescue.

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Young mother Quisha Hill said she was shopping yesterday morning when the man attacked her and her child. “This random man comes out of nowhere and yanks the car seat out of the cart,” she told local Fox 4 KC, “He's like, ‘I'm taking the baby! I'm stealing her! I'm taking her! Call 911! Call 911!” He then began to choke her, turning the baby’s face red.

Shoppers and Walmart staff saw what was happening and quickly intervened. One employee slammed the man to the ground and others restrained him. What he was doing in Kansas and why he attacked the child is as yet unknown. He was charged with felony aggravated battery and misdemeanor battery and is being held on $100,000 bail.


Source: Fox 4 Kansas City

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