4th Anniversary Of Teen's Disappearance Has Passed, Mother Speaks Out

“We were very close. A lot of people think that because she ran away she had a problem and was angry. I don't agree with that,” she tells Oxygen.

By Gina Tron

The four-year anniversary of a teen’s disappearance has just passed, and her mother is starting to lose hope. In 2013, Emily Paul of Southport Florida went missing. She had just barely turned 14.

Her mom, Pam Massimiani, told Oxygen that she believed her daughter ran away. She said that Emily left a note behind stating something to the effect that she may return home at the age of 18. Emily would be 18 now.

“I used to feel hopeful, real hopeful,” said Pam. “But she’s 18 now and I haven’t seen her."

Pam said she wasn’t the kind of mom that would drop off her daughter by herself at the mall. She felt Emily was still too young for that. Emily did stay home by herself on occasion. The day she went missing was one such occasion.

“That day, I had left (the house) particularly early and she just seemed like her usual Emily self. That was the last time I saw her.”

Pams feels that her daughter didn’t just run away. She believes that Emily was coerced.

“I believe she may have thought she was going into something good and when she got to whatever it was, it wasn’t as good as she thought it would be. That’s my gut feeling.”


Emily is petite, weighing 100 pounds and standing at just 4’11 at the date of her disappearance. Pam said she is also petite in stature.

“We were very close,” she said. “A lot of people think that because she ran away she had a problem and was angry.”

Pam said that was just not true, that her daughter was very family oriented and had a good relationship with all her relatives. Emily and her mother were especially close.

“She wanted to go wherever I went,” Pam said. “She always wanted to be with me.”

[Center for Search and Investigations]

There have not been any recent sightings of the teen. Pam told Oxygen that she can’t even remember the last time there was any leads or tips on her daughter's disappearance. She said she thinks of her daughter every day. She still lives in the same house they did when Emily disappeared. Pam said that her child’s disappearance has changed her.

“I’m not the same person because I should have a child at home that I’m raising,” she said. “This is the year that we should be buying prom dresses and making graduation invitations and things like that.”

All of Emily's friends are now graduating high school.

“I see all of their prom pictures and I still am in contact with two of her good friends and it’s very hard for me. I’m not the person that I’m supposed to be because of what happened on that day.”

Lynn McBride is the president for the Center for Search and Investigations and also the division director for NOMAD, the “Not Found Yet” Division of Team CFSI (Center for Search and Investigations.) She told Oxygen that the effect of a missing child is “absolutely devastating” on families.


In addition to being 4’11 and 100 pounds at the time of her disappearance Emily Paul has blue eyes and brown hair. She has been known to dye her hair multiple colors. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Bay County Sheriff’s office at (850) 747-4700.


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