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5 Celebrities Who've Gotten Slammed For Wearing Offensive Halloween Costumes

From Nazi costumes to blackface – these celebrities should've thought twice before getting in the Halloween spirit. 

As Halloween is approaching, let’s recap some of the most offensive costumes ever worn by celebrities.

Let’s just say, these five costumes didn’t go over too well.

1. Julianne Hough: Crazy Eyes

In 2013, "Dancing With the Stars" alum Julianne Hough and friends dressed up as the cast of "Orange is the New Black." Hough went as the character Crazy Eyes, who is a black woman. Hough is white, and for whatever reason, she decided to wear blackface. She got slammed by the media and by users on social media.

Laverne Cox, who plays Sophia Burset on the show told Us Weekly, "I thought it was a shame that she is in this country, that she would wear blackface and not understand the historical implications of that. … I don't think Julianne is making a specific, informed choice to comment on blackness. I just think it's out of ignorance. That's really sad."

Even Uzo Aduba, who plays Crazy Eyes, weighed in on the costume calling it an "unfortunate situation."

Hough apologized several times for the offensive Halloween outfit, including through a statement on her Twitter account, “I am a huge fan of the show 'Orange Is the New Black,' actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she has created,” Hough wrote. "It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. I realize my costume hurt and offended people and I truly apologize."

2. Chris Brown: Taliban

In 2012, Chris Brown showed up to a Halloween party dressed up to a Taliban member, as reported by E! Online.

Before the event, he tweeted out a image of him and his friends, dressed in similar garments, captioned, "Ain't nobody f***ing wit my clique!!!"

He received criticism for the costume.

Brown’s response to the critics? "Get over it, people! I was dressed as the people we killed — Bin Laden! And everybody who really mad about it: F*** y'all,” he said, according to Fuse.

3. Heidi Klum: Hindu goddess Kali

In 2008, Heidi Klum dressed up as the Hindu goddess Kali for a Halloween party she hosted. The star explained her outfit, as reported by Gawker, saying, "I loved it because she's so mean and killed all these different people and [had] fingers hanging off [her] and little shrunken heads everywhere."

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed was not a fan.

"Goddess Kali is highly revered in Hinduism and she is meant to be worshipped in temples and not to be used in clubs for publicity stunts or thrown around loosely for dramatic effect,” he told the Times of India.

4. Colton Haynes: Kanye West and Ghandi

Another instance of a white person wearing blackface for Halloween. Only this time, the entertainer didn't learn his lesson the first time around. He actually wore blackface twice, on two seperate Halloweens.

Actor Colton Haynes first went as Kanye West in 2011. He painted his face and hands in dark brown paint. Then, in 2012, he dressed up as Gandhi for a Halloween party. He also sported brown face paint for that costume, according to Mic.

He apologized for the insensitive costumes, saying, "I've gotten in trouble for ... a few of my costumes in the past and I wasn't aware that I was offending people, but that wasn't my intention at all, and I really— I haven't apologized yet, but I wanted to apologize for that. And that won't be happening again."

5. Prince Harry: Nazi

Prince Harry made international headlines after he wore a Nazi soldier uniform to a Halloween bash in 2005.

The prince was 20 years old when photos of him partying with a swastika were taken. The New York Times reports that he later said, "It was a poor choice of costume and I apologize."

His costume upset a lot of people, including Michael Howard, who was the leader of Britain's main opposition Conservative Party at the time. "I think a lot of people will be disappointed to see that photograph and it will cause a lot of offense," Howard said,  "I think it might be appropriate for him to tell us himself just how contrite he now is."

[Main Image: YouTube, NBC News]

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