5 Documented 'Ghost' Sightings That Are Too Convincing To Not Believe

"Ain't afraid of no ghosts?" These five paranormal encounters may change your mind.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

There's no such thing as ghosts... or is there?

There are countless stories of human interactions with spirits and those that have "crossed over" beyond the grave. From Marilyn Monroe to Abraham Lincoln -- these documented encounters are hard to deny as paranormal activity.

Here are five ghostly sightings that are almost too convincing not to believe. 

1. Claude Monet

If a famous artist died, where else would his ghost show up other than to his own exhibit?

In 2015, a special Claude Monet exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art was overshadowed when a mysterious figure who looks exactly like the late French Impressionist painter showed up in a photograph.

"This snapshot taken by a staff member is not retouched or Photoshopped. And we have heard from others that they’ve seen the man, but there hasn’t been a confirmation in his identification!" Kelley Notaro, a communications associate with the museum, told Today. "The resemblance is striking. This is the first exhibition leading into our centennial year, so we are excited to start it off with something as cool as capturing a photo of this Monet look-a-like standing directly above an actual photo of the artist himself."

2. Dinner Guest

When Ian Wrin and April Russ dined at Tujague's in New Orleans, they didn't know they would receive a ghostly photobomb.

In the selfie, there appears to be a shadowy figure joining in on their fun. The weird part? It can't possibly be a reflecton because there are no windows or mirrors in the Begue Room.

If local lore is any indication, the figure is a longtime, colorful patron of the restaurant. Poppy Tooker, author and radio host of Louisiana Eats, says that the figure is Julian Eltinge -- also known as "Tujague's cross-dressing ghost." She told Redbook that Eltinge was a signature guest at Begue's Restaurant, which later became Tujague's. He was so beloved there, "Eltinge autographed a picture and gave it to Madame Begue. The photo hung in the restaurant on the wall since 1917."

If you look closely, the image even appears to be of a figure in women's clothing and accessories. 

3. Ghostly Cemetery 


Ghost hunting is a popular hobby. In fact, Toowoomba Ghost Chasers has a community dedicated to spotting ghosts around the world.

This video is from a cemetary in Liverpool known for housing over 58,000 bodies, including one renowned sea captain. The captain was stabbed to death under mysterious circumstances. The shadowy figure caught on tape is seen swaying back and forth, which could very well be that captain, still tortured by his demise, or keeping watch over the cemetary grounds.

Another theory is that the ghost could be the limping figure of William Huskisson MP. He has a mausoleum on the grounds after he was killed, when run over by a locomotive in 1830.

4. Marilyn Monroe at the Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt Hotel is an iconic landmark in Hollywood and is known for its famous spirt inhabitants. One of its most famous guests, actress Marilyn Monroe, loved the hotel. She would stay for extended periods of time and died of an overdose while here. Since then, legend has it that the tortured actress never checked out.

She's been spotted all over the grounds. Guests have seen the icon in a mirror (that she used to preen and primp when alive), traipsing through the ballroom, posing and even hanging out in her favorite suite 1200. No one's ever been able to explain the sightings.

5. Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln lives on in a ghostly love story.

Seven years after his assassination, an image of what appears to be the late President was spotted in a photo with his wife Mary Todd Lincoln.

As USA Today shares, the photo was taken in 1872 by spirit photographer William H. Mumler. Critics at the time claimed that Mumler was a fraud, possibly using a technique like double exposure to create the image, and he was brought to trial. However, he was acquitted, and since then, paranormal fans are convinced the late President was communicating through the grave to his widow.

[Photo: Cleveland Museum of Art, Facebook/Ian Wrin, iReport, Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection]

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