5 People Who Were Murdered By Their Best Friends

Many murders are done by someone close to the victim, like these best friends who turned deadly.

The likelihood of a murderer being known to their victim is high. More than fifty percent of murderers are committed by someone the victim already has a relationship with. Family, co-workers, romantic partners, casual acquaintances, and even best friends. In Oxygen’s Three Days To Live (premiering Sunday, March 5 at 9/8c), abduction is explored--something that often leads to murder, and that also is sometimes perpetrated by someone known to the victim. In the cases below, the murderers weren’t just known to the victims--they were their best friends, people they trusted with their lives. Here are five people who were tragically murdered by their best friends.

1. Skylar Neese

At just 16-years-old, Skylar Neese was murdered by her two best friends, Sheila Eddy and Rachel Shoaf, in a premeditated attack. The two lured Neese from her home one night--Neese was hesitant as she’d recently fallen out with the pair--and took her across state borders to a secret place the three girls often went to smoke. Once there, the two girls attacked Neese with knives they’d brought along with them. They stabbed her more than fifty times.

2. Gemma Hayter

Gemma Hayter, a 27-year-old with learning difficulties, was murdered in the U.K. by Daniel Newstead, Chantelle Franklyn Booth and Joe Boyer--people she regarded as her “best friends”. The disgusting trio forced Hayter to drink urine and beat her repeatedly breaking her nose before taking her to a secluded area near a disused railway line where they cut and kicker her, and forced her to wear a plastic bag over her head. Hayter choked to death on her own blood and died.

3. Juan Suarez

17-year-old Carlos Santiago murdered his best friend Juan Suarez a console game called The Division. The teenagers got into an argument while playing the game together, and Suarez stormed out. Later that night Santiago turned up at Suarez’s apartment, and when Suarez opened the front door, stabbed him several times in in abdomen. Suarez was found dying on the front doorstep by his mother.

4. Sofya

A 16-year-old known as Sofya was murdered by her best friends, Kristina B, 14, and Valeria K, 15 in Russia. The two girls suffocated Sofya to death, and then took a taxi, propping their lifeless friend up between them and telling the unsuspecting cab driver she’d had too much to drink. The girls also sat by a river bank for some time with their dead friend held up to look like she was sitting so as not to arouse the suspicions of passersby.

5. Ronald Bettig

Ronald Bettig, a 56-year-old Penn State professor, was pushed to his death into a quarry by two of his best friends who thought they were in his will. Danelle Geier and George Ishler believed Bettig had revised his will to include them, and thought that by killing him they’d reap those rewards--which they obviously did not. They lured him to the quarry under the guise of harvesting marijuana growing there, and then pushed him off an 80 foot cliff to his death.




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