5 Terrifying Instances Of Children Nearly Getting Abducted

Thinking of anyone being kidnapped is a horrible thing, but when children go missing, it’s even more harrowing. In Three Days To Live (premiering Sunday, March 5 at 9/8c), the crucial 72 hours after a woman is abducted are explored. But what about the crucial first few seconds--where there’s still a chance the kidnapping might be thwarted? In these terrifying cases, children almost disappear, but their would-be abductors are stopped in their tracks by vigilant mothers and good samaritans. Here’s why you should always watch your back, and the backs of those around you, especially children: five terrifying instances of children nearly getting abducted.

1. The Dollar Store Kidnapper

Last year in Florida, Craig Bonello attempted to grab a 13-year-old girlwhile she was shopping with her mother in a dollar store. Bonello tried to sneak up on the girl and take her, but her mother chased him down, and won a mighty tug-of-war for her daughter. She then chased Bonello down with the help of an off-duty police officer.

2. The Smithsonian Snatcher

In 2016, outside the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C., a man tried to grab the hand of a child in a school group. Of of the group’s chaperones noticed, and shouted at the man who ran away, thankfully leaving the child alone.

3. The Target Trap

In Edmond, Oklahoma, Missy Kalidy was shopping in a Target with her four-year-old daughter, Jenna, when she was approached by another little girl, who seemed to be around nine-years-old. The girl offered Jenna candy, and attempted to lure her away. Jenna resisted, but the girl continued to follow her around the store. Eventually, Missy noticed a strange man standing at a distance and signaling to the girl. She told the store manager, but by that time the man and the little girl had disappeared.

4. The Cell Phone Store Child Thief

In summer 2016 a man tried to snatch a four-year-old girl from a Macias Cellular & Computers store in Victorville, LA. CCTV footage showed girl playing with a candy machine by the door while her mother stood nearby holding a baby. The man walked by the door of the store, reached in, and pulled the girl inside. Luckily, the girl fell over, slowing the wannabe kidnapper down and leading to his capture.

5. The US Open Stalker

At the US Open last year, a man attempted to steal a 11-year-old girl at the Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day. The girl was there to partake in the annual Kids’ Day which saw many interactive events take place and pop star performances. But the creepy stalker didn’t see this coming: when he grabbed the girl, she fought back, got free, and kicked him. He was the one that ran away in the end, hopefully never to return to another Kids’ Day again.


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