6 Chilling True Stories Of People Who Murdered Their Neighbors In Cold Blood

You never know who's living next door.

The body of 22-year-old Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind (pictured above, courtesy of Facebook) was found Sunday evening by kayakers. She was located in the Red River -- which borders North Dakota and Minnesota -- "heavily wrapped in plastic and duct tape" and stuck to a log. 

Three days earlier, police found a baby in the apartment of LaFontaine-Greywind’s neighbors, 32-year-old William Henry Hoehn and a 38-year-old Brooke Lynn Crews. Police believe the newborn girl belonged to LaFontaine-Greywind. 

The couple has been charged this week with conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and providing false information to law enforcement, and are being held without bond.

If convicted of killing Greywind, they won't be the only people who allegedly killed their neighbors this year. Take a look at these 6 other disturbing cases:


A man in Georgia allegedly killed his neighbor over dog droppings around the Fourth of July.  Widow Beth Wilson told ABC13 that Larry Bates harassed her and her husband for months before he was murdered. Bates repeatedly accused the couple of letting their dogs go to the bathroom on his property. Police said that Paul Wilson, 44, was shot dead while out walking his dogs.

"He's just taken everything from me, my husband, my best friend, my future, our children that we could have had," Beth Wilson told ABC 13.

[Photo: Barrow County Sheriff's Department and GoFundMe]


In May, a man from Italy allegedly murdered his next-door neighbor after becoming enraged by her pet parrot.

Ignazio Frailis, 46, claimed that Maria Bonaria Contu, 60, trained her parrot to insult him. Contu was stabbed 11 times, according to The Sun.

Police said Frailis was “very cold, very calm and full of rage,” Fox News reports. According to L’Unione Sarda, unemployed Frailis spent most of his time playing violent video games in his home. 

In his home, he could reportedly hear the bird mocking him. “Listening to the parrot all day, it became an obsession for him,” police said.

Authorities reported that Frailis complained about the bird in the past. Of the complaints, they said, “Officers had tried to talk to both sides and had suggested putting the parrot in a different room, not facing Mr Frailis’s house.”


A Philadelphia man allegedly shot and killed a couple in July, over a neighborly feud. Kenneth Hoyle, 69, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of 45-year-old Bob DePaul and 42-year-old August Dempsey. Police said the man admitted shooting them both in the head after claiming that the couple scaled his fence during an argument.

"We just know that they didn't get along, that anytime Bob was working in his yard or had a barbecue or he had his fire pit going that the neighbors, Kenneth and Maria, they would call the cops on him, call L&I. They just tried to give him any kind of hard time that they could," neighbor Anna Szymanski told an ABC affiliate.

[Photo: NBC Philadelphia]


An Indiana woman was shot in the back of her head with a 12-gauge shotgun as she was mowing the lawn. Thirty-year-old Brittany Black was pronounced deceased at the scene. Her husband, 37-year-old Kyle Black, was also shot outside of their home. He then called 911 to tell dispatchers that he and his wife had been shot. He survived the attack.

Their neighbor, Terry Storey, was later arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder. They had fought previously over their property line. 

[Photo: Indiana State Police]


In January, a Texas man allegedly shot his neighbor after one of her dogs walked onto his property.

Hector Campos, 43, allegedly murdered 53-year-old Ana Weed, his longtime next-door neighbor. Campos was angry at Weed for consoling his estranged wife during their divorce, according to PEOPLE. Weed helped her flee to Mexico after allegedly experiencing abuse by the hands of Campos.

"This is clearly an act of retaliation. That is the family's position. That is my position," a spokesman for the victim's family told ABC 13. "And Mrs. Weed paid the ultimate price."

The shooting was caught on cell phone video. On it, Weed’s husband can be seen kneeling over his dying wife. Another man can be seen subduing Campos.

[Photo: GoFundMe]


Police in Virginia arrested an 80-year-old man in May who was suspected of fatally shooting a neighbor after a property dispute. Larry Keith Johnston allegedly shot his 65-year-old neighbor in his driveway. According to a Fox affiliate, the two had an ongoing fight over their property boundaries.

"It was discovered that this incident stemmed from an ongoing feud over the property boundary," a Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office spokesperson said. "The victim had a landscaping crew on scene performing lawn maintenance when the incident occurred."

[Photo: Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office]

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