A Woman Tried To Sell Sex For Nachos, But Got Arrested

Prostitution is known as “the world’s oldest profession,” and for some men and women it is unfortunately their only means to provide themselves with money for those very basic human needs: food and shelter. And when we say food, we are of course talking about nachos, the Tex-Mex mainstay of tortilla chips covered in copious amounts of chili and cheese. That’s what one Ohio woman included in her “service fee” after soliciting a client via a Youngstown free classified website. Unfortunately, the man was an undercover cop. 

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Police say after advertising her services on Backpage.com, 36-year-old Crystal Hotlosz agreed to meet the undercover officer in the parking lot of Los Gallos Mexican Restaurant, located in Ohio’s Beaver Township. She again, reiterated her fee: $60 and an order of nachos in exchange for unnamed sex acts. She must have been really hungry, as the officer said she was "very adamant about getting the nachos," asking about them several times.

Hotlosz was arrested on the scene for solicitation and possession of criminal tools. Mark Robbins, the man who drove Hotlosz there, was also arrested and charged with promoting prostitution. There’s no word on whether police allowed Hotlosz get her order of nachos to go.  

Source: Fox 8

Photo: Beaver Township Police Department

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