Abusive Husband Suffocates To Death After Wife Crushes His Testicles

An abused housewife in Vietnam crushed her husband's testicles after he brutally attacked her. 

 This should serve as a warning to any man who thinks it’s acceptable to raise a hand against his wife. An abusive husband in Vietnam died from suffocation after a knock down, drag-out fight that ended after his wife crushed his testicles, causing him to lose consciousness.  An autopsy showed the man had died from a blockage of food in his windpipe leading to suffocation, however the exact details of how this happened are at this point unclear.

 The incident occurred in Tien Giang province in Southern Vietnam, when 53 year old Le Kim Khai went to the house of his wife Phan Thi Kim Chuong, 55, and found locks on all the doors to keep him out. He then broke in with a handsaw and began beating his wife. When their daughter tried to intervene and Khai hit her, Chuong grabbed him by the testicles and waited for help to come, “about 5 minutes.” When authorities arrived she finally let go, however by then her husband had already lost consciousness. He reportedly died on his way to hospital. 

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