Amanda Knox Wrote About Her Same-Sex Prison 'Romance' - And It's Not What You Think

“‘I've changed women before,’ an inmate told Amanda Knox. ‘I can do things to you that no man can.’”

By Jaime Lutz

In honor of Valentine’s Day (really), Amanda Knox—you know, the former student wrongfully convicted of homicide while she was studying abroad in Italy—wrote about her ill-fated prison romance with another woman for the Vice vertical Broadly.

The essay isn’t as tabloid-ready as it sounds—Knox never had sex or even a real relationship with her fellow inmate, who she gives the pseudonym of “Leny.” Mostly, she writes about just how typical prison romance actually is, particularly among women, who may more fluid sexual orientations.

“At least initially, Leny might not have been trying to seduce me, and was actually just in need of someone kind to distract her from her loneliness,” Knox wrote. “This is common. Contrary to what you might guess, many prison relationships aren't about sex—just like most relationships outside of prison.”

Knox—who identifies as straight—resisted Leny’s overtures, feeling that she was taking advantage of her. “Leny wanted to hold hands,” Knox wrote. “‘I've changed women before,’ she'd tell me. ‘I can do things to you that no man can.’”

“I felt objectified and I'd get annoyed,” she added. “‘You can't change me,’ I'd respond. She'd think I was playing hard to get. One day, Leny kissed me.”

Knox broke off the friendship after that, feeling as though her boundaries weren’t respected. But she writes of other prison relationships that endured in important ways beyond the confines of prison.

“The relationships inmates establish with each other are treated as nothing more than kinky lies to be ashamed of upon returning to the real world,” she wrote. “But they're not.”

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