Anti-Gay Pastor Responsible For Deaths In Uganda Wants His Charges Dismissed

Not so fast, Scott Lively... *side-eye*

In Massachusetts, an evangelist will ask a judge to throw out a lawsuit from 2012 which accuses him of promoting and inciting anti-gay laws in foreign countries. He's not just any evangelist and this isn't just any accuser.

The preacher is Scott Lively, a known anti-LGBT "activist" who strongly opposes gay rights. He not only opposes them, he is the president and creator of ministries and organizations which directly targets gays and incites anti-gay laws internationally. 

Lively is accused of traveling around the world - including Kampala, Uganda, the location of their government's parliament and cabinet - to falsely incite fear and panic of "Western agitators" wanting to spread "the disease" of homophobia to its land. He seems to believe that homosexuality should be a punishable crime, and while he doesn't endorse the death penalty, his talks inspired the Ugandan government to pass a dealth penalty clause for gay citizens, endangering millions of lives.


He still asserts that he's only preached therapy, not punishment, in regards to repenting from the ways of the LGTBQ community. *blank stare* There's video of all his misdeeds - as cited by MotherJones - so I'm not sure how much his words will actually hold up in the courts. 

This Wednesday, a hearing will be held in U.S. District Court to respond to Lively’s request to have the case rejected from the courts. Here's hoping Springfield will choose the right side of history.

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h/t LGBTQnation

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