Armed Robbers Dressed As Construction Workers Stole $800k From Jewelry Store

Jewelry, gold, and cash taken from display cases and a safe.  Police searching for the suspects.  

In a massive heist, four armed robbers dressed as construction workers stormed a jewelry store in Brooklyn Thursday, taking more than $800k in merchandise and cash. 

According to the NY Post, three men came to  Court Street Jewelers in New York in construction uniforms. A fourth man, wearing a painter's uniform, was standing outside and served as the lookout while the crime happened.

Inside, the armed robbers reportedly beat the store owner and escaped with the jewels and cash, per police sources.

Witnesses remember seeing the store owner being bruised and beaten afterwards. “He had his head bashed open,” said one. “There was a lot of blood… it was chaotic.” The witness continued, “He was like running around screaming: ‘help me, help me.’ A lot of people were calling the cops – it was really crazy.”

WABC reports a sign saying "danger asbestos - men at work" was found discarded outside the scene.  The victim was treated at the hospital for a cut on his head and was released.  

Authorities are currently looking for the suspects.


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