Attorney Tries To Use Anti-Vax Doctor As Expert Witness In Court

“It was a monkey court."

An attorney in Pontiac, Michigan attempted to qualify an anti-vax doctor in court Thursday. Her client does not want her 2-year-old daughter to be vaccinated.

Lori Ann Matheson and her former husband James Horne were in court over custody of their child. Matheson has religious objections to vaccinations. Her attorney called a surprise “expert” witness, Dr. Toni Lynn Bark (pictured above), to the stand with 24 hours notice and attempted to qualify her as an expert witness in vaccine injuries.

Horne’s attorney objected, arguing that Bark is not an immunologist, according to WDIV.

Bark testified that she administered thousands of vaccinations while working as a pediatrician. She claimed that later in life she treated people who suffering from health consequences that stemmed from those same vaccinations. Bark said she has testified as a  qualified expert in federal “vaccine court” according to the Oakland Press.

Judge Karen McDonald soon lost patience.

“The proper court procedure is not being followed. I can go in the back and do the research myself and I have, and it takes not a lot of time to learn how to introduce an expert witness. It hasn’t been done. Read the case law,” McDonald said. “There’s a way to do this and I can’t do your job for you.”

The Oakland Press reports McDonald admitted Bark as an expert witness but only as a general physician stating that Bark can testify about experiences “with her own patients...she’s not qualified as an expert in immunization.”

Court was adjourned so that the husband’s lawyer can find an expert witness to rebut Bark, and will pick up again in November. Bark said she was “dumbfounded” by the judge’s ruling.

“It was a monkey court. I’ve never seen anything like that,” she told the Oakland Press. “So now pediatricians and general doctors who administer vaccines don’t know enough to talk about them?”

This is not the first case of divorced parents who asked this particular court and judge to decide if their child will be vaccinated or not. Just this week, Michigan resident Rebecca Bredow lost primary custody of her 9-year-old son and spent a week in jail for refusing to vaccinate him. Judge McDonald made that ruling.

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