Bannon Says Off-Camera Briefings Due To Sean Spicer Getting Fat

Meanwhile, respected CNN journalist Jim Acosta described Spicer as "kind of useless."

By Eric Shorey

Republicans currently holding power in the U.S. government are intentionally making it increasingly difficult for the press to cover the ongoings and events of Washington D.C.

Republicans recently introduced a bill that would ban cameras from the hallways of the Capitol, with at least one senator offering the limp justification that the law would be used to protect politicians' ATM PINs. Now, shortly after news of Sean Spicer's removal from daily press briefings broke, both The Week and The Atlantic are reporting that Stephen Bannon blames Sean Spicer's weight gain for the administrative shake-up.

The daily White House press briefings — usually, but not always, led by Sean Spicer — have been lately occurring with less frequency and, when they do occur, are much shorter than usual. It's not hard to guess that part of this paring down has been a cowardly response to the overtly tumultuous administration's erratic and incorrigible behavior. But representatives of Trump's team have offered a myriad of other excuses for their policies, including attacking the media as an opposition party.

Spicer has been openly hostile during many of these meetings, drawing ire from the press and leading respected CNN journalist Jim Acosta to characterize the recent briefings as "kind of useless."

“It feels like we’re slowly but surely being dragged into what is a new normal in this country, where the president of the United States is allowed to insulate himself from answering hard questions,” Acosta said on CNN. “I don’t know why we covered that gaggle today ... if they can’t give us the answers to the questions on camera or where we can record the audio. They’re basically pointless at this point.”

The latest explanation for a recent series of off-camera press briefings, offered by the ultra-right Stephen Bannon, currently acting as Trump's Chief Strategist, is that “Sean got fatter." Bannon sent this response as a text message and did not answer follow-up questions.

It's unclear what role Spicer will play now that he won't be appearing on camera. Rumor is that he will be moved to a "new senior role to both the communications director and press secretary." It is also unclear who will lead White House press briefings in the future — or if they'll happen at all.

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