'Barefoot Bandit' Who Stole Cars, Planes, and Boats Is Released From Jail

"It's been a living hell, it's not been fun and it's not gone fast."

What had you accomplished by the age of 25? Did you finish college? Maybe you landed your first adult job? Did you ever steal anything? LIKE A PLANE?!

Colton Harris Moore had done just that and more before landing himself in jail as just a teenager for his almost innumerable crimes and burglaries. Known as the Barefoot Bandit due to his penchant for committing crimes sans shoes, Moore once left chalk outlines of his footprint with the words "C YA" written underneath to taunt cops.

Moore's childhood was rather tumultuous. According to Heraldnet, "His father, Gordon Moore, was a drug user... His mother, Pam Kohler, 59, often argued violently with the boy." He was in and out of juvenile detention facilities in his early teens for a handful of crimes including burglary, vandalism, and breaking into people's homes to look at pornography.

After escaping from state custody, Moore went on the run. Stealing airplanes and boats (despite having no formal training in operating any of those vehicles), he successfully avoided capture for two years, racking up over 100 different thefts (money, cars, bikes, etc...) while on the run. He was eventually caught, but not before amassing an entire fan community on the internet.

Sentenced to serve jail time for six years, Moore is now transitioning to a halfway house, where he hopes to be living crime free. In a recent interview with Daily Mail, Moore says he plans to "obtain a pilot's license and will set about becoming the aviation industry's answer to Donald Trump when he's formally released in January."

"My mom died, my dog died - the things I cared about most in this world are dead," the Bandit said about his time in prison. "It's been a living hell, it's not been fun and it's not gone fast."

"Something that people don't realize is that I've wanted to work my entire life. I know that sounds counter-intuitive because what people know about me is running through the woods and doing other things," he continued. "You don't associate being a fugitive with wanting to build a career but at some point in the very near future I'm going to be building companies."

'The last six years I've been forced to sit in a box and do nothing. For somebody like me that's very difficult because I have a lot of energy and there's a lot of things I want to do."

In the mean time, he'll be enjoying the simple pleasures of life as a mostly-free 25-year old. For his first meal out of the clink, he chose a panini and chocolate Frappuccino.

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