Beekeeper Arrested In $1 Million Beehive Theft

He is accused of stealing 2,500 hives.

Beyonce's BeyHive isn't the only valuable hive. A Fresno man was arrested in connection with a major beehive theft operation all over California. According to the LA Times51-year-old Pavel Tveretinov is charged with stealing hives valued at nearly $1 million over the last three years.

The string of thefts caused concern among beekeepers, bee brokes and almond growers in the area.

Authorities were able to capture Tveretinov, a beekeeper from Sacramento, when they visited an orchard that was hit by theft on April 28. They saw Tveretinov there in a beekeeper suit with more than 100 beehives. 

Stealing bees poses a unique problem. According to Lloyd Cuniff, a beekeeper whose hives were stolen in January, Tveretinov kept the stolen bees with other breeds and interbreeding can apparently cause bee health problems and aggressiveness. 

The bee thief has been arrested on suspicion of possessing stolen property. He is accused of stealing 2,500 hives (worth about $875,000) and he was released on $10,000 bail.


[Photo: Fresno County Sheriff's Office]


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