Bloody Barbie Halloween Display Disturbs Brooklyn Neighborhood

"Halloween is a weird time but it's really in bad taste."

One Cobble Hill resident's Halloween display might be too disturbing for neighbors. According to DNA Info, an unnervingly decorated residence has received complaints about their disturbing display, which include dismembered and bloodied Barbie dolls hanging from trees.

"My feeling is, however benign the intent might be, at the end of the day you have naked, blood-stained, mutilated female bodies," said local James Kuken, who first noticed the installation on Thursday. "At this moment the zeitgeist is violence and harassment against women, which makes it all the more amazing to me that they put this up." 

Alongside the butchered toys was more traditional Hallowen fare: a coffin and a skeleton. But it was the mangled figurines that many took issue with.

"This is a neighborhood where you can't walk two feet without falling over young children," added Lisa Kuken. "You don't want children to see this and think that is normal."

"This really isn't the message we need to be sending our kids," echoed area mother Rebecca Marcy. "I don't care that they're Halloween decorations — ripped up, naked ladies is taking things a bit too far." 

One neighbor, Karen Burke, slipped a note under the door of the house where the decorations appeared, asking the owner to take down the violent seasonal ornamentation. "For the life of me I don't understand why anyone would think that is a good idea. It's a tree of naked, ravaged women," she said.

"This doll looks violated," agreed Malia Griggs, a Prospect Heights. "Halloween is a weird time but it's really in bad taste."

Reporters attempted to obtain a comment from the homeowners of the residence but no one answered the door on three separate occaisions.

[Photo: Twitter @DNAinfoNY]

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