Bullet Passes Through Man's Head And Kills Girlfriend In Suicide Attempt Gone Wrong

Boyfriend is charged with murder.

A man's apparent suicide attempt in Anchorage, Alaska left his girlfriend dead. Police believe that Victor Sibson shot himself last month and girlfriend Brittany-Mae Haag tried to save him. The single shot that traveled through Sibson's skull went into Haag's chest, killing her.

According to KTVA21-year-old Sibson and 22-year-old Haag were dating for six years. Initially, Haag's family thought that Sibson had killed their daughter but investigators believe now that this was a suicide attempt gone wrong.

Haag's family believes that their daughter would have wanted to help her boyfriend. “Knowing my daughter, I would do the same thing, too. If someone was trying to kill themself, I would go and try to stop them, and I know that that’s what she would do. So, now it makes sense to me,” said Haag's mother, Sheila Lopez. Adds Haag's sister, Chelsea Hartman: “I think a lot of it is still hard to grasp of how is it just one bullet, you know? And how does it go through one person and then the other person and kill the second person? It’s just not fair."

Sibson survived the shooting and according to ADNhe turned himself in on Friday. "What we have is a struggle-for-the-gun suicide attempt that resulted in Mr. Sibson putting a bullet through his own skull," Assistant District Attorney James Fayette said.

Sibson appeared in court Sunday wearing a helmet to cover his injuries. He is charged with second-degree murder.

[Photo: Anchorage Police Department]

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