Carrier Pigeon Caught Smuggling Cell Phone Into Brazilian Prison

"Pigeons instinctively fly back home, always," said an investigator.

By Eric Shorey

Look, we all love our pets but when was the last time Fido really did something for you? Yeah, he might bring the ball back after you throw it, but has he ever ran an errand for you? Given you a gift? Smuggled contraband?

A prisoner in Brazil seems to have trained his feathery best friend, an adorable pigeon, to help him sneak a cell phone into his cell. According to CW23, guards took note of the trash dove as a group of inmates attempted to catch him. When officers seized the poor bird, they found him outfitted with a small pouch that contained a cell phone and batteries.

According to a 2009 article from The Telegraph, Brazilian prisoners have actually been doing this for a while. Criminal organizations like the "Red Commando" in Rio de Janeiro or the "First Commando of the Capital" in Sao Paulo have used the city birds to deliver "supplies" to their extensive networks. Prisoners raise and train pigeons who live at the various complexes because "pigeons instinctively fly back home, always ... Some of them are members of organized crime groups that use cell phones to talk to family and friends and to give and receive orders for criminal actions outside and inside prisons," an investigator on this issue had said to The Guardian.

It is unclear if this particular bird will be freed anytime soon.

[Photo: Pexels]

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