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Chris Brown Wants To Work With Beyonce

"For the culture," he said.

Is a Chris Brown/Beyonce collab in our future? Chris Brown has worked with a ton of artists during his lengthy career, and in a new interview with Complex, the singer/rapper revealed that there's one artist in particular that he's dying to work with.

"At this point, it's all about trying to do some legendary sh*t, you know so, obviously, the top female performer is Beyonce," he revealed. "So for me, that would be epic if we did some dope dance sh*t — just for the culture. And it has nothing to do with nothing, it's just for the culture."

So who would win in a dance-off?

"She gonna represent though. She gonna do her thang. You know I'ma do my thang too. She dope, and I'm dope," Chris answered.

Would you be into Chris Brown/Beyonce teaming up? Brown seems to be one of those artists that people either love or hate, and Beyonce fans in particular are pretty protective of Bey's brand. Remember what happened when Amber Rose dared to even bring Beyonce's name into a debate last year?

Check out CB's thoughts on Beyonce in the clip below.

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