Company That Screwed Up Oscars Hires Bodyguards After Receiving Death Threats

Images of their homes began appearing on various websites.

We all love and deeply care about the movies, but if you ever find yourself threatening someone's life over the Oscars, you probably need to chill. Unfortunately, these murderous sentiments are all too common these days, as evidenced by the fact that PricewaterhouseCoopers, the professional services network that messed up big time at this past weekend's ceremonies, has been getting death threats.

TMZ reports that bodyguards were hired for executives Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz, the two responsible for the historic award SNAFU, after they received some nasty messages on social media. Some of the messages included things like: "You f*cking idiot, i will f*ck you every day," and "I hope you get fired and get cancer." Images of their houses also began to appear on various websites.

Some speculated that Cullinan and Ruiz would be let go from their jobs following the disaster, but it seems they'll be staying employed after all. That being said, it's not looking likely they'll ever be allowed near the Oscars ever again.

The academy has not and will not issue a formal response to the situation, according to NBC.

[Photo: Getty Images]