Cops Rule Woman Found Hanging From Mailbox A Suicide, But Her Mom's Convinced It's Murder

A post-mortem photo taken of Johnson shows a footprint on her arm, in addition to other bizarre marks.

Last month, Jessica Re’Nee Johnson was found dead with a shoestring wrapped around her neck and mouth, tied to a mailbox.

Her family is insisting she was murdered. However, the cause of the 37-year-old’s death has been listed as a suicide. A final examiner's report is still pending.

Johnson’s mother, Linda Johnson, believes her daughter’s past drug use is why local police may be ignoring possible evidence of foul play. She has called her daughter a battered woman and said she was a victim of domestic abuse by her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Gartland Hart. The mother said she knows her daughter wasn’t suicidal.

“Everything about this is suspicious,” friend Angela Brunson  told WMC Action News. “To say that someone was able to hang themselves from a mailbox, a low mailbox, with shoestrings?”

Family members stated that post-mortem photo taken of Johnson shows a footprint on her arm in addition to other marks on her wrists and arms.

Dr. Maurice Godwin, a criminal investigative psychologist, told HuffPost that it was highly unlikely that someone could commit suicide with a shoestring and a 38-inch mailbox post.

“In this examiner’s opinion, Jessica died at another location and was then positioned at the post with the string and [the] scene [was] staged as a hanging.”

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