Was JonBenet Ramsey's Mom Behind The Murder All Along?

Even more new shocking evidence has emerged in the JonBenet Ramsey case.

While members of JonBenet Ramsey's family continue to battle the creators of a salacious documentary which accused Burke Ramsey of the murder of his sister, more new evidence continues to emerge. Now, a grand juror from the trial and a handwriting expert say they have some shocking revelations about the case.

An episode of 20/20 which aired this past Friday interviewed a handwriting expert who claims that perhaps it was JonBenet's mom Patsy Benet behind the murder. "It's highly probable that she wrote the ransom note," said Cina Wong, revealing an interesting twist in the seemingly interminable investigation. According to The Daily Mail, "Wong found over 200 similarities in the writing of the ransom note and the 100 samples of Patsy's penmanship."

Similarly, an unidentified grand juror reveals that he and his piers had attempted to indict the parents of JonBenet on child abuses charges but a DA resfused to sign the documents. "Based on the evidence that was presented I believe that [our indictment was] correct," he said. He continues to believe it was parental neglect that lead to JonBenet's death.

In 2008, JonBenet's parents were cleared of all wrongdoing by police, yet clearly suspicions about them have never really dissipated. Patsy died of cancer two years before that.

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