Couple Brings 5-Year-Old To Bar, Gets Wasted, Loses Child, Gets In Bar Fight

Welcome to Florida.

A Florida couple was arrested after they brought their 5-year-old kid to a bar, got drunk, lost their child, and then fought a manager, a local NBC station reported.

David and Deana Pulis went to a Palm Harbor bar Saturday night and allegedly got drunk enough that Deana, 42, passed out on a bench and David, 34, lost track of their child, police said. 

Bar staff helped them find their child and called a taxi for the pair. Deana exited the car and vomited in front of the bar, police said, causing the manager to order them to leave—at which point David Pulis allegedly punched the manager in the face.

Both were arrested on child neglect charges, and the child was taken into the custody of the Department of Children and Family.

[Image: Palm Spring Police]