Crazed College Kid Kills Couple And Tries To Chew Off Victim’s Face

A 19-year-old FSU student went berserk and viciously murdered a couple before trying to eat one of his victim's faces. 

It’s been a minute since the last time someone in Florida lost their mind and tried to eat someone’s face, but that’s what cops are saying happened at the scene of a double homicide in Tequesta, just north of Palm Beach. Police say 19-year-old Florida State student Austin Harrouff stormed out of a family dinner at a nearby restaurant and attacked a couple on his way home, viciously stabbing to death John Stevens, 59, and Michelle Mishcon, 53, who were sitting on a couch in their garage. Neighbor Jeff Fisher, 47, tried to intervene but Harrouff stabbed him multiple times before he could call 911. When deputies arrived at the scene they saw the killer trying to chew off John Stevens' face, an eerie parallel with the 2012 attack of Ronald Edward Poppo by Rudy Eugene, who bit off 80% of his victim’s face while naked and high on bath salts.

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The first deputy on the scene shot Harrouff with a Tazer, but it had no effect on him. It would take more officers and a dog to finally subdue the former high school wrestling and football star, who was exhibiting super human strength. Officers claim they didn’t shoot him because he was too close to the victims and they were afraid they might get accidentally shot. Harrouff was incoherent and making animalistic grunts when he was finally taken down. Authorities say his actions were consistent with an overdose of the synthetic drug Flakka, which can cause high body temperatures and violent psychotic episodes. 

Austin Harrouff had no prior criminal history and his parents have not yet revealed whether or not he had any preexisting mental health issues. He was a member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity and had a fake ID when he was apprehended. He was described as a good student and well mannered by friends. He is currently being held under guard at St. Mary's Medical Center, where he is in the intensive care unit for intestinal damages. 

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