Creepy Clown Trying To Lure Kids Into Woods Now Active In Two Southern States

Reports of creepy clowns trying to entice children to join them in the woods have spread from South to North Carolina. 

From Stephen King’s It to real life killer clown John Wayne Gacy, pop culture has gotten a long run out of coulrophobia, the clinical phobia of clowns. If reports are true, however, residents of two southern states have real reason to fear the white-faced, red-nosed pranksters. Police say they have gotten calls in Winston-Salem, North Carolina about a creepy clown trying to lure young children into the woods with the promise of candy. This follows similar sightings in the town of Greeneville in South Carolina.  

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According to authorities, the appearances started in Greeneville at the end of August near an apartment complex. Children reported seeing clowns in the woods and telling kids to join them, in some instances offering money or candy to entice them. The North Carolina sightings began Sunday, as children and adults in the area said they heard and saw someone in clown makeup with red hair, a red nose and white overalls telling children to join him in the woods, though, police said no authoritative photos or proof exists of the incident.

The last scourge of creepy clowns occurred in 2014. Residents of Bakersfield, California were terrorized by the appearance of a grim looking clown, often brandishing firearms, in and around the area. Meanwhile, across the ocean, gangs of hooligans in clown make-up threatened people with weapons in southern France and pulled off robberies in Great Britain. Whether or not the incidents in the Carolinas are a prank or even perhaps a social media marketing stunt remains unclear. However, South Carolina is taking the threat seriously enough to issue warnings in and around where the sightings have taken place.    

[Photo: Getty Images]

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