CSI Star Eva LaRue Accuses Steven Seagal Of Sexual Misconduct

"He had underwear on, thank God, and he was bare everywhere else. And it was clear he was not just getting cozy.”

Actress Eva LaRue is accusing actor and director Steven Seagal of sexually harassing her in 1990. She told Deadline Hollywood Seagal locked her in a room at his home during an audition and then opened his kimono. He was allegedly wearing nothing but underwear.

LaRue had starring roles on “CSI:Miami” and “All My Children.” But, at age 22, she received a call from her agent who set up an audition at Seagal’s house.

“Even at 22, I knew better than to go to an audition at somebody’s house,” she said. “But my agent assured me that the reason it was at his house was because they hadn’t secured their studio offices yet.”

While at Seagal’s home, he allegedly told LaRue to follow her to get the script for the audition.

“...I follow him, thinking we’re going to his office. We go down the hallway to this room, which is like an office and guest room kind of thing. And he says, ‘Have a seat on the couch.’ It was like a literal casting couch. And as I was walking towards the couch, with my back towards the door, he’s busy closing and locking the doors behind my back. I go to sit on the couch, and he comes towards me and he’s opening his weirdo kimono. There’s no script or anything. Just him standing there with his kimono open. He had underwear on, thank God, and he was bare everywhere else. And it was clear he was not just getting cozy.”

LaRue said she told Seagal she had to go, that she had another meeting to go to. When she tried to leave the door was locked.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” she told Deadline Hollywood. “I’m fumbling with the lock and he says, ‘No, no, come back. You’ve got to stay. Come sit on the couch and have a drink with me.’”

LaRue said she was able to leave without Seagal touching her. And as she left she asked herself, “Why am I even being nice to this guy? What is it about us women in general that it’s somehow beaten into our brains not to hurt somebody’s feelings even if they are about to horribly hurt ours.”

The actress is not the only one accusing Seagal of sexual misconduct.

Jenny McCarthy, Portia de Rossi and Juliana Margulies have made similar allegations against him, according to the New York Daily News. In fact, McCarthy made the same allegations against him in 1998, claiming he asked her to take off her clothes. De Rossi tweeted on Wednesday that during an audition Seagal unzipped his leather pants and allegedly told De Rossi “how important it is to have chemistry off-set.” She ran out of his office and called her agent, who allegedly told her, “Well, I didn’t know if he was your type.”

Seagal has not commented on any of the allegations. His spokesman did deny that he ever harassed McCarthy to the Daily Beast.

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