Did This Man Try To Abduct A 14-Month-Old Baby At The Grocery Store?

A Houston mom says a man picked her baby up out of her shopping cart without permission. 

Florence Monauer was shopping at a grocery store in southwest Houston, Texas Saturday, when a man she didn’t know began playing with her 14-month-old child. The toddler was buckled into her baby seat, which was attached to her mother’s shopping cart. He then walked away, but moments later, while Florence was turned around getting an item off the shelf, she heard the cart move and her baby scream. That’s when she saw her child was in the arm’s of a stranger.

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The fast thinking 33-year-old mom didn’t make a scene and calmly took her baby back from the man, who said, “Awwww, I wanted to take you when your mom wasn’t looking.” She wasn’t sure what to do, and let the man go, but the incident didn’t sit right with her. “I don’t want to falsely accuse someone,” she told KHOU news, “if in case this guy was just awkward and didn’t understand boundaries." Later that night she called police, and filed a report the following day.

Luckily for area parents, a security camera captured the entire incident on video. “For me, the crime of attempting to kidnap someone was completed the moment when he picked up my child with my back turned and without my consent," said Monauer. While the man’s face has been blurred out, pending an actual criminal charge, Houston police are actively investigating the incident and want to question the man.


Source: KHOU

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