'Disgruntled' Apple Employee Leaks Details Of 11 New iPhone 8 Features Days Before Launch Event

The leak is being called the biggest in the company's history.

By Eric Shorey

Ahead of an official launch event on Tuesday, unauthorized information about Apple's new iPhones have been shared in what is being described as "the biggest leak of its kind," according to BBC.

Although Apple's information on its new tech has been the subject of leaks before, this latest incident appears to have been the result of intentional sabotage.

"As best I've been able to ascertain, these builds were available to download by anyone, but they were obscured by long, unguessable URLs [web addresses]," wrote blogger John Gruber, who did not disclose his source. "Someone within Apple leaked the list of URLs to 9to5Mac and MacRumors. I'm nearly certain this wasn't a mistake, but rather a deliberate malicious act by a rogue Apple employee."

Gruber added, "More surprises were spoiled by this leak than any leak in Apple history."

A report from Apple Insider addresses the rumor that the leak came by way of a "disgruntled" employee.

The details dispersed without Apple's permission included a reference to "iPhone X" (indicating an eventual higher-end model), images of a new Apple watch and headphones, specs of new phone designs, a potential for wireless charging, a new system of facial identification which would replace the fingerprint scan, and a new emoji system which would scan a user's face to create corresponding effects.

Ironically, the biggest leak before this involved the sharing of audio from a meeting, which discussed the importance on cracking down on leaks. The audio revealed that Apple had hired former employees of the US National Security Agency (NSA), FBI and Secret Service to help prevent and persecute the dissemination of secret information.

"I have faith deep in my soul that if we hire smart people they're gonna think about this, they're gonna understand this, and ultimately they're gonna do the right thing, and that's to keep their mouth shut," one senior Apple executive was heard saying.

"There will be an unbelievable effort within Apple to determine how this happened and I don't envy the person that did it because there will be no forgiveness for it," said tech consultancy writer Ben Wood. "For other companies this might have huge impact on the effectiveness of their grand official launches, but for Apple there is such insatiable demand for even the smallest details and such an obsessive fan-following of its products that even a very detailed leak will do little to dampen the enthusiasm of bloggers and others to report its news."

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