Flight Attendant Who Faked Bomb Scares To Be A Hero Avoids Jail

His attorney said his mental health history doesn't excuse what he did, but helps explain it. 

A SkyWest flight attendant who concocted two fictitious bomb scares pleaded guilty Thursday in a North Dakota federal court. Justin Cox-Sever, 23, said the bomb scares were all a ruse so that he could come to the rescue of the people on board the flights and be recognized as a hero. According to Fargo’s KVRR Local News, he will spend up to five months in a transitional facility, five months on home confinement and three years of supervised release, but will avoid jail time.

Both incidents occurred in 2015. In July of that year, a flight from Charlottesville, Virginia to Chicago had to be turned around after Cox-Sever reported that someone had written a bomb threat on the wall in the plane's bathroom. Then, that September, he planted a bag full of towels on a flight from Minneapolis to Dickinson, North Dakota and said that it was making beeping noises, which lead to the temporary shutdown of the Dickinson airport.

Cox-Sever’s defense attorney Michelle Monteiro said his client has a history of bipolar disorder, an autism disorder, and a brain injury, according to The Associated Press. While not trying to excuse his actions, he said it helps "explain why something like this could happen." In court, Cox-Sever said he had seen a fellow flight attendant receive accolades for her handling of an on-flight emergency and "I decided to fake these (bombs threats) to sort of get the recognition she did.”


[Photo: Southwest Multi-County Corrections Center]

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