For Female Entrepreneurs, Lauren Maillian Shares The Keys To Success

"Risk feeling what it is like to fail, it is indeed the only true way to find and earn success."

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Lauren Maillian proves that there's no one way to get to the top. The former model turned serial entrepreneur is the Founder and CEO of LMB Group, a strategic marketing and advisory company, the author of the bestselling memoir, The Path Redefined: Getting To the Top On Your Own Terms, and became the youngest self-made winery owner in the country at 19. As a host on Oxygen's new show Quit Your Day Job, Lauren brings her diverse expertise to the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

"The biggest misconception about being a female entrepreneur is that women are looking for an easy way to the same destination as men," she explains. "That couldn't be further from the truth. Oftentimes, I find women are willing to work three and four times harder to achieve their goals." Lauren says lack of opportunity is the biggest hurdle for women, as well as people of color. "Women aren't really given these opportunities. We see this in the minority sectors as well. They're not even given the chance because they're not even offered the opportunity."

One of the keys to success is finding good mentors—but Lauren points out that it needs to be a two-way street. "I speak about finding these reciprocal relationships [when] the mentee learns something from the mentor and the mentor learns something from the mentee. I think the best way to find those relationships is to look at where you want to go in your career and look at people who are where you want to be and surround yourself with them." She also stresses having a strong group of peers (or a "tribe") and being plugged in to the industry. "Going to the right conferences. Learning the right, relevant, real-time information is so important. Keep up with daily trends, weekly trends. These conferences are almost like continuing education courses."

But perhaps the most important key to success is not being afraid to fail. "Don’t risk incredible opportunities simply because of the fear of being labeled a failure, or because of your trepidation of potentially going through the process of failing…, says Lauren. "Make this decision and risk feeling what it is like to fail, it is indeed the only true way to find and earn success."

Quit Your Day Job brings together Lauren's passion for entrepreneurship and mentorship. "Over the years of my career, I've had a lot of different opportunities and you have to take the one that feels right and the one that feels real," she says about her decision to join Quit Your Day Job. "Every opportunity you get is not one you must take and this opportunity was one I knew I couldn't pass up." Lauren says that she's impressed by the show's authentic depiction of the life of an entreprenur as well as the all-star cast, which includes media maven and author Randi Zuckerberg, investor Ido Leffler and tech entrepreneur Sarah Prevette. "When I found out who my costars would be, we all knew each other in the real-world. I said, 'Wow. This is not just an opportunity to shed light on the world of entrepreneurship and angel investing but also to give a real, true peek into our world."

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