Freed Brazilian Soccer Player Who Fed Ex-Lover To Dogs Wanted For Hire By 9 Teams

He's also seeking custody of his son...

Football player Bruno Fernandes de Souza had been sentenced to 22 years after having kidnapped, tortured, and murder the mother of his child. Released from jail on a technicality, Bruno has already been offered a spot on nine different teams and has begun traveling around the country on what appears to be a redemption tour, according to Slate.

Back in 2010, de Souza had killed a 25-year-old model named Eliza Samudio. The athlete apparently had gone into a rage after he discovered Samudio's plans to keep the child they conceived together. After being sued for child support, Samudio and her 3-month-old infant were kidnapped by de Souza. Bruno tortured and eventually killed the woman and fed her body to his Rottweilers; the baby was later found with a family nearby.

"His acts were almost impossible to describe without breaking down - images from the worst nightmare you could imagine," said Edson Moreira, a detective who investigated the case.

Just last month, Bruno was released from jail (only 12 months into his sentence) after a court found that his appeal had not been fairly considered. He may return to prison eventually but will remain out of prison in the meantime. Strangely, the soccer player is now looking to gain custody of his son: “The one who suffered the most from the whole story was him. I want to bring him close to me. I’ll fight for him,” he said.

Many are now wondering to what extent the Brazilian athletic community's forgiveness is an example of a larger cultural problem: the prevalent excusal of misogyny.

[Photo: Brazil Civil Police]

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