Gay Couple Gets Anonymous Letter Threatening To Burn Down Home, Kill Daughter: 'No One Wants To Live By Such Filth'

“[Your daughter] needs to look out behind her back also... I know where she goes to school!”

By Eric Shorey

A gay couple in St. Peter, Minnesota received a terrifying letter filled with threats on their lives and the life of their daughter, leading to a police investigation, according to Makato Free Press

The couple, who have chosen to stay anonymous, say they considered moving away but will remain in their home after receiving the hateful message.

“If someone from the neighborhood is watching and thinking, ‘I scared them out,’” one of the women said, “no, they have not.”

“I have never, ever in my entire life felt unsafe in St. Peter,” one of the women continued, noting the support she has received on social media. “This is where I grew up. This is my home... If anything, it’s made me more proud to live in St. Peter. Reading and hearing and seeing all the amazing things that people are saying and doing for us.”

“You never know … your house could be torched, a gun could be used to eliminate you,” reads the letter, which was mailed to the couple's home. “[Your daughter] needs to look out behind her back also... I know where she goes to school!”

The police note that this is a standalone incident and that this does not appear to be part of a larger trend.

The daughter's school has been made aware of the situation.

“It’s easy to get people to react,” said police Chief Matt Peters. “People that make anonymous threats basically have zero understanding of what they’re doing or they’re cowards."

Although Minnesota does not specifically define hate crime laws, if a perpetrator is discovered they may face stiffer penalties under the state's policies about biases against protected classes of citizens, elevating potential charges from misdemeanors to felonies.

Those with more information about the letter can call St. Peter police at 507-931-1550 or email the couple's attorney at

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