Girl Livestreams Parents' Heroin Overdose

The parents are completely unresponsive as their daughter yells "Dad! Dad!"

By Benjamin H. Smith

Dramatic footage of the heroin epidemic decimating America’s heartland has just come to light, showing a couple in a catatonic state after a binge. The footage appears to have been filmed by the couple’s daughter and possibly a friend or sibling and was posted to the LiveLeak streaming video website 2 days ago. “Dad! Dad!” The daughter, who appears to be in her late teens, can be heard yelling while trying to roust them from their narcotic haze. “They f***ed up ain’t they,” says her companion.

Each week brings new harrowing stories about the depths of heroin addiction. In Dayton, Ohio, a woman was sentenced to life in prison in July for allowing her heroin dealer to repeatedly rape her 11-year-old-daughter in exchange for the drug. In western Pennsylvania, a couple was photographed passed out in their mini-van with a toddler in the back, while high on the drug. And just last week, a 7-year-old girl told her school bus driver she couldn’t wake up her parents for 2 days, when in fact they were dead from a fatal overdose.

It is unknown where the new footage comes from and who posted it. It was posted two days ago and has already been viewed nearly 150,000 times. At one point the girl begins kicking her father, who is passed out on the floor, before saying “He can’t feel it. That’s how high he is.” The other person filming then says to the unresponsive parents, “Man, you can not be like this around your kids. This s*** is not cool,” but unfortunately his admonishment falls on deaf ears.


Source: Live Leak

Photo: Live Leak 

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