Gruesome Details Emerge In Case Of American Teen Who Was Raped And Murdered While At Luxury Estate With Friends In Paraguay

Luis Alejandro Villamayor, known as Alex, had reportedly committed suicide after drinking mushroom tea with his friends. His family believes he was raped and murdered.

By Jaime Lutz

Further details have emerged in the death of a 16-year-old American who was murdered at a private home in Paraguay after the trial date for his suspected killer was postponed to February 2018, The Daily Beast reported.

The family of Luis Alejandro Villamayor, the teen known as Alex to his friends, spoke to the Daily Beast to demand FBI involvement in the gruesome case.

In June 2015, Alex was drinking mushroom tea with his friend Alain Jacks Diaz de Bedoya, 16, and René Hofstetter, 18, while they were on vacation at Hofstetter’s family ranch in Paraguay.

Alex was talking on the phone with his father when suddenly the line got cut off. 

Hofstetter called the next morning with terrible news:  “Tio, Alex shot himself.”

But the reality of the situation, the Daily Beast reported, was allegedly more sinister. Alex was reportedly raped and murdered.

Though the crime was initially investigated as a suicide, contradictory details began to emerge. Andy Fernandez, the family friend of Villamayor who identified Alex’s body, said that a forensic photographer told him that his wounds weren’t consistent with a suicide.

Furthermore, the gun used to kill Alex was found in his left hand; his gunshot wound was in the right side of his head.

“That’s physically impossible to shoot yourself in the right side of your head with your left hand,” said Fernandez, a lawyer who is now on the family’s legal team.

Alex was also wearing someone else’s clothes in photos of the crime scene, Fernandez said, and there was no gunshot residue on the skin and clothes of Alex and his friends.

“That’s proof he didn’t kill himself,” said Fernandez. “If he killed himself, it would be everywhere. In his hair, on his skin.”

Diaz de Bedoya, Alex, and Hofstetter had reportedly gone shooting the day before; they should have had gunshot residue on them from that alone, Fernandez said.

“Someone taught them how to create a suicide scene,” he said. “They washed up.”

There were other inconsistencies, according to The Daily Beast. Hofstetter and Alain said they had woken up at 6 a.m. to find Alex’s body, but phone records showed that Hofstetter called his father over 50 times beginning at 3 a.m.

And a second autopsy found that Alex had deep bruising all over his body, including his genitals. Semen—his own—was found in his anus, and he was beaten with an object like a stick.

A ranch hand confessed to tampering with the crime scene in order to protect Hofstetter, and Hofstetter’s father, who is in hiding, was indicted on charges related to the coverup.

Diaz de Bedoya was indicted and soon acquitted for the murder, before the investigation had even completed. Hofstetter and the ranch hand, Matthias Wilbs, are awaiting trial.

“I am shell-shocked,” said Luis Villamayor, Alex’s father, about the death. “I never thought that such a thing would happen in René and Alain’s company. Alex was like a kid-brother to them. They were supposed to take care of him, not hurt him.”

[Image: Justicia Para Alex/Facebook]

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